PUTT-IN-ONE Training Mat

David Petrie & Graham Pearce, together with George Mackechnie, developed the ultimate aid for putting, approving scores and lowering your handicap.

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”The best putting device for distance and direction control!”

Pete Cowen
Coach Henrik Stenson, Graeme Mc Dowell, Kaymer Martin en Padraig Harrington

The PUTT-IN-ONE training mat provides a unique interactive putting experience. Its revolutionary new design means that it is far superior to other more conventional putting mats. These other mats simply offer you a target to aim at. As a result, they only allow you to ‘improve’ your putting game through the repetitive performance of the same – and possibly defective – putting stroke.PUTT-IN-ONE goes beyond these conventional putting practice mats. Its smart design and innovative new features will still help you to achieve better putting results, but at the same time – and more importantly – its unique mat graphics will help you to focus on all aspects of the putting process: body and club-face alignment, smoothness and trajectory of stroke, distance control… In short, it will improve your overall putting perception – and this is the only way to become a consistently better player. What’s more, you can also use the mat to play fun games while you practice! In other words, PUTT-IN-ONE is both enjoyable and effective. What could be better than that?

PUTT-IN-ONE is the perfect marriage between efficiency and fun and is therefore praised by top coaches like Pete Cowen (coach of Henrik Stenson, Graeme Mc Dowell, Kaymer Martin and Padraig Harrington among others).


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You can work on your technique by using the broken lines on the mat to follow the club trajectory during both the backward and forward movements of your putting stroke.Most putting mats encourage the golfer to play in a straight line down the middle of the mat, making alignment almost irrelevant. PUTT-IN-ONE allows you to practice your putting from different angles and distances. The broken lines challenge you to work on both body and club face alignment. This is crucial to good putting: if you are not aiming in the right place, the ball will never go in the hole!


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The most innovative feature on the mat are the broken lines or dots leading to the target. These dots help your eyes to track backwards and forwards over the correct line, keeping you more focused of the visualization of a successful putting stroke. You can almost see the ball rolling into the cup!You can practice distance control by playing the ‘bull’s-eye’ game from different positions, aiming to get your ball to travel through the target and stop in the ‘correct distance’ zone (20 cm beyond the hole)..


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Golf has got to be fun. PUTT-IN-ONE features different games that make your practice both entertaining and effective. Each putt allows you to win points, so that you can always try to set a new record score – or beat your friends.

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