About our putting clinics

The putting clinics are given by George Mackechnie, a true putting expert, specialised in the SAM Putt-Lab and AimPoint Green Reading.

SAM PuttLab & Video analyses

Science and motion putting laboratory combined with video analysis is the ideal method for every golfer to have their putting stroke accurately analysed. SAM gives us the most comprehensive analysis of all the relevant aspects of putting by tracking through every phase of the putting movement. Video analysis gives the golfer the opportunity to understand how their putting stroke is effected by their set up position and movement.


SAM Putlab
Technical improvement

Technical improvement & refinement

For too long golfers have believed that good putting has been a question of feel, talent or luck. The truth is that all good putting starts with good technical basics. By building from a strong foundation the objective of our putting sessions is to implement good fundamentals that will make a lasting improvement in both the pupils understanding and technique.

AimPoint Green reading

The AimPoint green reading method is used by Professionals on all the major tours worldwide and is also used by armature golfers to improve on course putting performance. This green reading method offers is the most efficient manner to read greens both in time and accuracy.


AimPoint Green reading

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